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People Pay

Introducing Golden Eagle People Pay

  • Simple-Send money securely, person to person, by using an email address or mobile phone number.
  • Convenient-Save time and the hassle of dealing with checks or cash.
  • Secure-Gives you control over how and when you pay others.

Simplify Your Life

  • Send money to your child in college.
  • Send money to individuals for a birthday or shower gift.
  • Send money to a roommate to cover rent.
  • Send an eGift Card to that certain someone, and instantly make any day special. eGift cards can be redeemed immediately in stores, restaurants, or online.
*Enrollment through Online Banking required prior to use. People Pay is available as a personal product, and is NOT for business use, see Online Services User Agreement for details. Limits apply based upon transaction type. Account to Account and PayPal payments are limited to $500 per item, and $1,000 daily. Check payments are limited to $750 per item, and $1,500 daily. eGift card transactions are limited to $100 per transaction, and $250 daily. A young couple sitting a restaurant table.

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